Julian Aguilar Garcia

Julián Aguilar García

Civil and Commercial Law

Born in 1968. Graduated in Law and Legal Counsel for Business from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE) of Madrid in 1991. He completed his doctorate and research proficiency courses in Civil Law in 2007 at the UNED, Madrid. Master in Business Management and Administration (Executive MBA) by the San Telmo International Institute of Seville in 2003. He speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian. He joined the Bar of Seville in 1995.

Prior to joining LegalSur, Julián was a member of the Legal Department of the multinational Abengoa for more than eight years, managing the department for about four years. His training and this experience give him special ability to understand the most varied needs of companies and entrepreneurs, contributing especially in international fields, financing, corporate operations and contracts in general.

He has taught courses, seminars and presentations on international arbitration, insurance, civil liability, liability of managers and managers, contracts, strategy, business risks or project financing in 20+ countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia, in different companies as well as in diverse business forums or others.

He has published more than a dozen articles on mercantile companies, foundations or business issues in specialized magazines.

Member of the Board of Directors of a number of companies in real estate, investment, engineering, ICT and services sectors. Member of the Governing Board of the San Telmo International Institute. Professor in the Master’s Degree in Law from the Loyola University of Andalusia (subjects of international arbitration and family business).