Eduardo González-Santiago Gragera

Eduardo Glez.-Santiago Gragera

Civil and Administrative Law. Litigation

Bachelor of Law from the University of Seville (1984-1989), specialization in Private Law. As an candidate to the body of Notaries, with several approved exercises, he has been able to study very thoroughly Civil, Commercial, Registry, Notary and Administrative matters. 


Lawyer of the Illustrious Bar Association of Seville nº 10.419 which he joined in 2001, and founding partner of LegalSur Abogados, in his professional career, in addition to the experience in the contractual and procedural areas accumulated in these years (importantly in the field of Construction Law and Engineering and Relationship with Suppliers, Horizontal Property and Consumers Law, as well as Administrative Contracting), other additional aspects can be highlightedhis expertise in New Technologies and Data Protection Law (creation and management of the legal channel of all the websites of the Vocento group, Vice Presidency of the Andalusian Association of Electronic Commerce -ANDCE-, member of the Association of Specialist Lawyers in New Technologies of Andalusia -AENTA-) as well as the Pharmaceutical Law (as external advisor to the Pharmaceutical Association of Valencia and the Platform for the Defense of the Mediterranean Model of Pharmacy), and Intellectual Property (adviser to authors, publishers and audiovisual and creation companies). 


As an author, and among other collaborations, it is worth mentioning his intervention in the collective work Comments to the Law of Andalusian Cooperative Societies. CEPES-Andalusia. April 2002 and doctrinal articles, among other editorials, in Thomson Reuters-Aranzadi as “Embedded Houses with Common Origin: Sui Generis Community and not Horizontal Mediatry or “An exception to the constitution and registration of the Professional Society: The exercise of the pharmaceutical profession through the ownership of the Pharmacy Office“. 


Finally, he highlights his collaboration as Professor of Civil Law III (Property and Royal Rights) in the Law Degree of the Pablo de Olavide University and as a professor in the Master’s Degree in Law of the University (Successions) and in the University Master in Advocacy of the Loyola University of Andalusia (Civil liability), as well as his intervention as lecturer, among others, in “Conclusion of the procedure: Payment, registration and destination of the surplus” within the framework of the “Course on Foreclosures” organized by the Editorial Tirant lo Blanch Training or in “Conventional partition or partition by the coheirs” within their “Course on Partitions”.